Napa Valley January Pictures

My travels took me to Napa Valley in the January weekend between my starting two weeks at Twilio on the West coast. Here are a few pictures I snapped while touring wineries and the surrounding areas north of San Francisco.

Grgich Hills Winery off Route 29

Grgich Hills sign at the entrance to ... (read more)

San Francisco November Pictures

I took a quick trip out to San Francisco on November 7-9. While I had some downtime I walked around a bit and took some pictures. Here are the best ones I snapped during my brief tour around downtown.

Downtown skyline of San Francisco during the day

Downtown skyline of San Francisco during the ... (read more)

Austin City Limits Pictures

Saturday, October 12 was my first time ever at Austin City Limits (ACL). ACL is a music festival held every year in the fall at Zilker Park just South of the Colorado River in Austin, Texas.

Austin City Limits sign at the entrance to the festival.

Austin City Limits sign at the entrance to ... (read more)

Austin, Texas Pictures

These are some pictures from my time in Austin for Startup Week. I spent most of my time downtown and just north of the Capitol Building so that's what these pictures focus on.

Austin downtown skyline from a Rainey Street highrise

Austin downtown skyline and the Colorado River viewed from a ... (read more)

Chicago Round Two Pictures (Part Two)

This is the last set of my best pictures from Chicago for DjangoCon 2013. This set of pictures is primarily from Millenium Park, a beach on Lake Michigan, and a Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

The Bean with buildings reflecting off of it.

The ... (read more)

Chicago Round Two Pictures

These are more pictures from my second time in Chicago this year. This trip was for DjangoCon 2013. These pictures are mostly from the River North and Millenium Park areas of the city.

Chicago sign in South Loop more)

DjangoCon 2013 Pictures

The main purpose of being in Chicago from August 31 through Sept 9 was for one of my favorite conferences, DjangoCon 2013. Here are some pictures from speakers and a few views of the city. Many more pictures of Chicago coming soon.

DjangoCon t-shirt, conference program, and attendee lanyard.

Some of ... (read more)

Chicago Wicker Park Pictures

I flew in to Chicago ahead of DjangoCon 2013's tutorials and speaker dinner on Monday night. Here are some pictures from walking around and having lunch in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood.

Street sign for Wicker Park St.

Street sign at the intersection of Wicker Park Street and ... (read more)

Central Park NYC Pictures

The last stop on my road trip was New York City. New York is a big enough place that although I grew up west of the city in Morristown, New Jersey, I never really felt I knew the area well. Pictures in this blog post are all related to Central Park.

Welcome to Central Park sign.

Welcome to ... (read more)

Detroit Pictures

I spent a few quick days in Detroit catching up on work between my time in Chicago and Buffalo. Most of my time was spent downtown near the Renaissance Center where I stayed but I also checked out Royal Oak a little ways north of downtown.

Statue of Cadillac, founder of Detroit.

Statue of ... (read more)

Chicago Pictures

Chicago is an overwhelmingly large city upon first arrival, especially after hanging out in Des Moines, Omaha, and Madison for a couple of weeks. It's beautiful here though as these pictures (and ones I'll post as I continue to explore Chicago) show.

Chicago skyline.

A view of the ... (read more)

Colorado Hiking Pictures

Hiking in Colorado was amazing - and tiring. It's tough on your lungs to go from about 5,000 feet elevation to 12,000+ feet within a 40 minute drive, then climb up a steep hill to go even higher.

Matt Makai to the left of the Loveland Pass sign.

Me standing next to the Loveland Pass ... (read more)

Wyoming Photograpy

Buffalo, Wyoming is one of my stops to hang out for a few days on the trek from Seattle to Boulder. The weather has been beautiful here so I snapped these great pictures. The photos are from a combination of driving through the mountains and walking around Buffalo.

Driving through Wyoming

Driving ... (read more)

Montana Pictures

I spent a few days over the second weekend in June in both Missoula and Hamilton in Montana. I also stopped in Bozeman for lunch on the way to Wyoming. Montana is a beautiful state as I tried to capture in the pictures below.

Missoula letter on the mountain.

M for Missoula. Every city in ... (read more)

Seattle City Pictures

These are the best pictures I took from my time in downtown Seattle. It's a beautiful city and fortunately I had amazing weather during most of my time in town (the clouds in this first picture are the exception).

The Seattle Space Needle reflected against the Science Fiction more)

Seattle Hiking Pictures

I went hiking with a friend in Seattle on a beautiful clear day. Here are a few pictures from that trip about 30 miles East of the city. There are also a few pictures of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean at the end of the day.

Looking up at the mountain peak.

Looking up at the ... (read more)

University of Washington Pictures

While in Seattle I luckily had a University of Washington alum show me around their campus. UW is a beautiful place and the school has one of the top computer science programs in the country.

University of Washington logo at the entrance to their campus.

The University of Washington logo statue at the ... (read more)

Portland, Oregon Pictures

Portland, Oregon was my seventeenth city during my travels. I cut back on my meetings substantially so I could write the initial text for my book. Portland has a great tech scene. It'll be a good spot to check it out again in the future.

Portland Oregon sign.

Portland, Oregon sign ... (read more)

Eugene Pictures

Eugene is a beautiful town of eclectic and hipster scenes. The downtown area offices house most of the tech companies. Eugene brands itself "Silicon Shire" to distinguish it from its northern neighbor, "Silicon Forest" (Portland).

Wall art on the side of a building.

Wall art ... (read more)

Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA

The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California is an incredible walk through the computing timeline. The exhibits range from 17th century calculators to the iconic Cray Supercomputer featured in Jurassic Park.

Revolution. The current theme for the Computer History more)

LA to SF Pacific Coast Highway Pictures

I drove the iconic Pacific Coast Highway instead of taking the faster I5 route from Los Angeles to San Francisco. These are my best pictures from the drive that took over ten hours but was well worth the extra time.

Pacific Coast Highway about an hour and a half outside of Los Angeles

The Pacific ... (read more)

Las Vegas Pictures

I spent three nights in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 28 until May 1st between stops in San Diego and Los Angeles. These are some pictures from the Vegas Strip, downtown, and a view of the city from Downtown Project.

The original Las Vegas strip sign

The original Las Vegas Strip sign ... (read more)

San Diego Scenery

The following are some initial pictures from driving to and walking around San Diego. I am in San Diego until Sunday so I will probably have more pictures to post at some point.

View of the area 70 miles outside San Diego

I stopped to put the top down on the S2000 while 70 miles outside ... (read more)

Moab Scenery

I spent a couple of days in Moab, Utah over the weekend for mountain biking and camping. The contrast between the red rocks in Moab and the snow-capped mountains in the background was amazing. See these pictures below.

The view during part of the drive up to Moab.

A snapshot of the drive through the ... (read more)

Los Alamos is Beautiful

I am spending a few days in Los Alamos, New Mexico and then Moab, Utah to catch my breath. It's beautiful here. Here are some photos I took during my drive up from Lubbock, Texas and while walking around town in Los Alamos.

The open road.

The open road ahead. Insert metaphysical hand-wavy ... (read more)

Memphis Pictures

Memphis was my fourth stop on my trip and one of the most memorable. My four day stay was highlighted by amazingly welcoming hosts, great food, live music, and an exciting whirlwind tour through the city.

Memphis BB King's Blues sign

BB King's Blues Club on Beale Street in Memphis, ... (read more)

Charlottesville, VA Pictures

Here are a few "rear of the car"-perspective pictures from the first five days in Charlottesville. The first several pictures were taken during the full days I had in Charlottesville when I found an interesting place to pull over. The final picture was taken in Virginia on the way to Charlotte, North Carolina.

During my time in Charlottesville I met with Arin Sime of ... (read more)

Day One

Driving to Charlottesville, Virginia from Washington, DC

A detour on my drive down from Washington, DC to Charlottesville, Virginia.

Today I left Washington, DC to drive to Charlottesville, Virginia. The drive is about two hours, Route 66 West to 29 South. I managed to fit ... (read more)