DjangoCon 2013 Pictures

By Matt Makai on 09.07.2013.

The main purpose of being in Chicago from August 31 through Sept 9 was for one of my favorite conferences, DjangoCon 2013. Here are some pictures from speakers and a few views of the city. Many more pictures of Chicago coming soon.

DjangoCon t-shirt, conference program, and attendee lanyard.

Some of the DjangoCon schwag, including the new t-shirt design, as well as the conference program and attendee badge with lanyard.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss, one of the creators of Django, speaking at DjangoCon

Jacob Kaplan-Moss, one of the original developers of Django and now Director of Security at Heroku, speaking about doing security right and making it part of everyone's development process.

Josie Keller speaking at DjangoCon

Josie Keller, one of the founders of GeekChic, speaking about giving women the tools they need to become active participants in the technology community.

Ken Cochrane speaking at DjangoCon

Ken Cochrane of dotCloud speaking about the new hotness that is Docker.

Ben Lopatin speaking at DjangoCon

Ben Lopatin, one of the founders of Wellfire Interactive speaking about Django and Search.

Matt Makai speaking at DjangoCon

Matt Makai (hey, that's me!) of Excella Consulting speaking (preaching?) about using Django with third party services.

Matt Robenolt speaking at DjangoCon

Matt Robenolt of Disqus speaking about HTTP tricks for scaling Django.

Russell Keith-McGee speaking at DjangoCon

Russell Keith-Magee, Django core developer speaking about integrating web systems that weren't meant to be integrated. This talk was awesome because as a developer who's done some enterprise-y work in the past these are exactly the challenges you have to overcome that we take for granted as solved problems in most tech startup environments.

Nathan Duthoit speaking at DjangoCon

Nathan Duthoit of Wave speaking about database schema migrations.

Gold sponsors of DjangoCon

Quick capture of the gold sponsors for DjangoCon, including our firm, Excella Consulting.

Dusk in Chicago

Dusk in Chicago on the final evening of the main DjangoCon schedule.

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