Eugene Pictures

By Matt Makai on 05.19.2013.

Eugene is a beautiful town of eclectic and hipster scenes. The downtown area offices house most of the tech companies. Eugene brands itself "Silicon Shire" to distinguish it from its northern neighbor, "Silicon Forest" (Portland).

Wall art on the side of a building.

Wall art on the side of the Wandering Goat Coffee Company building (awesome place to hang out and work by the way).

More wall art on the side of a building.

More of the building wall art.

Statue of musical instrument playing turtles.

Interesting little musical instrument playing turtles.

Inside of The Barn Light restaurant and bar.

The Barn Light coffee shop and bar. Awesome place to hang out.



Recent pinball machines.

Recent pinball machines...

Retro pinball machines.

...retro pinball machines! This place had an amazing selection of games to play (cheap too).

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