Tech Events

DjangoCon 2013... Go!

The main DjangoCon 2013 conference is kicking off this morning. Here's a quick couple of pictures as people are getting settled down before the keynote.

I will be speaking Thursday morning on Making Django Play Nice with Third Party Services. Come find me or hit me up on Twitter if ... (read more)

Django Boston Talk

I was fortunate enough to be able to give a technical talk at Django Boston on Wednesday evening. The presentation was created in reveal.js, an HTML5 and JavaScript framework. Here are some pictures from the event as well as ... (read more)

Adobe MAX 2013

I'm at Adobe MAX 2013 in Los Angeles, CA for the next three days.

Adobe MAX banner at registration

There should be some product unveilings as well as updates to the Creative Cloud Suite, which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Edge Reflow, and many other tools ... (read more)

MicroConf 2013

I'm in Las Vegas, Nevada for MicroConf 2013 today and tomorrow.

Microconf 2013 projected on the main screen of the conference room

MicroConf is a conference focused on bootstrapped startups and single founder software companies.

The conference organizers' ... (read more)

Coding Across America @ EvoNexus

I gave a talk about relevant topics on startups and startup ecosystems on Friday afternoon at EvoNexus.

Matt Makai talking at EvoNexus on Friday afternoon

I spent a few minutes showing some pictures ... (read more)

Startup America Artwork

At the afternoon sessions on April 16 during the Startup America Regional Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, Autumn Farrell (@autumndawnf) drew artwork to visually capture the advice from panelists throughout the afternoon.

Autumn drew each concept with her own flair as the panelists discussed how to hire people ... (read more)


On Monday night I gave a talk on Git and Github workflows to Memphis Python. The venue, the Fedex Institute of Technology, at University of Memphis was great. The turnout was fantastic with ... (read more)

NOEW IDEAcorps Pitch Challenge

Eight MBA teams worked with local entrepreneurs during New Orleans Entrepreneurship Week. The teams were advised by employees from Google, Salesforce, Silverline, and Excella Consulting on subjects where they had gaps in experience, such as developing software platform roadmaps. Overall though it was the teams' extensive work throughout the week that created value for the entrepreneurs. ... (read more)

NOEW 4.0 Schools' Companies Pitches

This afternoon was pitch day for companies in the 4.0 Schools' incubator. Matt Candler provided a great introduction for why these companies matter to the learning community.

Matt Candler, the founder of 4.0Schools, introducing the pitch session

Matt Candler, founder of 4.0 ... (read more)

Walter Isaacson: Diversity Nutures Entrepreneurship

New Orleans native Walter Isaacson gave a keynote speech this evening at the New Orleans Entrepreneurship Week (NOEW) keynote. Walter's talk focused on how diversity nutures entrepreneurship. He provided historical context for the two ... (read more)

New Orleans Entrepreneurship Week

Yesterday I arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana after a long twelve hour drive down from Charlotte, North Carolina.

I am here participating in IdeaVillage's New Orleans ... (read more)


Hey PyCon!

My friend Andrew Baker was awesome enough to present a lightning talk on Coding Across America this morning.

If you're a software developer or ... (read more)

Tim O'Reilly on Open Government

Tim O'Reilly came to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) on Thursday, February 14th. Tim discussed a range of topics centered on open government and transparency. I attended Tim's talk as part of the greater Technology & Innovation ... (read more)

DC Python Group Coding

Washington, DC is most commonly associated with politics but it has quite a technology scene as well. I'm taking advantage of as many of the events I can attend before hitting the road in March. Today is DC Python's group coding session at SocialCode.

Developers are working on projects such as scientific and numeric ... (read more)