University of Washington Pictures

By Matt Makai on 06.01.2013.

While in Seattle I luckily had a University of Washington alum show me around their campus. UW is a beautiful place and the school has one of the top computer science programs in the country.

University of Washington logo at the entrance to their campus.

The University of Washington logo statue at the entrance of their campus.

View at the center of UW campus.
Interesting building architecture.
More interesting building architecture.

There's no uniform architecture for buildings on campus but every one is intricately detailed in different ways.

UW computer science building.

UW's computer science building. Donations from Microsoft founders at work.

Grove next to UW computer science building.

A shaded grove next to UW's computer science building.

Columns in the grove next to the computer science building.

A closer look at the columns in the grove.

Plaque and field looking up at UW campus.

A plaque and looking up towards one of the main parts of the UW campus.

Another building on UW campus.
Trees surrounding a garden on UW campus.
Another interesting building on UW campus - this on at the Quad.
More interesting architecture on UW campus.
Glass building on UW campus.

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