Chicago Pictures

By Matt Makai on 07.16.2013.

Chicago is an overwhelmingly large city upon first arrival, especially after hanging out in Des Moines, Omaha, and Madison for a couple of weeks. It's beautiful here though as these pictures (and ones I'll post as I continue to explore Chicago) show.

Chicago skyline.

A view of the Chicago skyline taken from Navy Pier.

Skyscrapers downtown.

Street level looking up while in downtown.

A church against the backdrop of skyscrapers.

Contrasting old and new buildings.

An older building below newer skyscrapers.

More contrast between old and new.

Fountains at Millenium Park.

Foundations at Millenium Park.

View of Navy Pier.

Navy pier.

North Lake Shore bridge close up.

Close up view of a bridge connecting North Lake Shore Drive over the Chicago River.

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