Thank You!

After five months and thirty cities, I've returned to our nation's capital. My time on the road was a tremendous opportunity to spend significant time outside the D.C. bubble and learn from amazing people that I otherwise would not have had an opportunity to interact with.

I want to use this post to highlight and thank all the organizations I met with around the country. In addition, I want to highlight some exceptional people who really went above and beyond to help me learn from their local tech community.

People of Immense Help Along the Way


  1. HumanGeo (DC)
  2. WiserTogether (DC)
  3. Uppidy (DC)
  4. AgilityFeat (Charlottesville)
  5. WillowTree Apps (Charlottesville)
  6. IdeaVillage (New Orleans)
  7. mSchool (New Orleans)
  8. 4.0 Schools (New Orleans)
  9. Work for Pie (Memphis)
  10. Seed Hatchery (Memphis)
  11. Boosterville (Memphis)
  12. Screwpulp (Memphis)
  13. Launch Memphis (Memphis)
  14. Startup Texas (Dallas)
  15. The Gravity Center (Dallas)
  16. The Common Desk (Dallas)
  17. Tech Wildcatters (Dallas)
  18. Continuum Analytics (Austin)
  19. CopperEgg (Austin)
  20. Capital Factory (Austin)
  21. Startup America - Regional Summit (Phoenix)
  22. Seed Spot (Phoenix)
  23. CO+HOOTS (Phoenix)
  24. MistoBox (Phoenix)
  25. Antengo (San Diego)
  26. EvoNexus (San Diego)
  27. Barefoot Solutions (San Diego)
  28. nulu (San Diego)
  29. ForwardMetrics (San Diego)
  30. Saambaa (San Diego)
  31. Downtown Project (Las Vegas)
  32. SocialGlimpz (San Francisco)
  33. Code for America (San Francisco)
  34. Twilio (San Francisco)
  35. Banjo (Bay Area)
  36. Palo Alto Software (Eugene)
  37. Concentric Sky (Eugene)
  38. Portland State Business Accelerator (Portland)
  39. Socrata (Seattle)
  40. (Seattle)
  41. Maker Space (Seattle)
  42. Silicon Praire News (Des Moines)
  43. Dwolla (Des Moines)
  44. StartupCity (Des Moines)
  45. Pongr (Des Moines)
  46. BitMethod (Des Moines)
  47. Hatchlings (Des Moines)
  48. GForce Group (Des Moines)
  49. Kaufmann Foundation (Kansas City)
  50. KCSourceLink (Kansas City)
  51. Entrepreneur KC Radio (Kansas City)
  52. SightDeckKC (Kansas City)
  53. Leap2 (Kansas City)
  54. Hacker Village (Kansas City)
  55. EyeVerify (Kansas City)
  56. One Million Cups KC (Kansas City)
  57. directEDGAR (Omaha)
  58. Omaha Python (Omaha)
  59. Startup Genome (Omaha)
  60. Drifty (Madison)
  61. The Starter League (Chicago)
  62. 1871 (Chicago)
  63. Matchist (Chicago)
  64. Boston Django (Boston)
  65. Appsembler (Boston)
  66. Schrodinger (NYC)


Also a huge thanks to the organizations and meetup groups that invited me to give talks. While I often speak in DC, it was amazing engaging in discussion with communities from coast to coast.

I also have an upcoming talk in Chicago at DjangoCon on September 5 and another talk in DC on Sept 25. After that, I'm hoping to cool it a bit for a couple of months.

There's been so many people along the way that have been incredibly helpful and generous. Thank you all for helping me with my Coding Across America project.

I will be writing a post on what's next, but the gist of it is to apply what I've learned along the way to the DC tech and startup community. I have many meetings set up with organizations here in the DC area and I look forward to spreading the knowledge, making connections, and generally paying it forward as I was able to do throughout my trip.

If you found my writing in this post interesting you should also read about my perspectives on the four types of software development communities for startups and hacker houses as an underutilized resource.