Capital Factory

Capital Factory is Austin's premiere startup incubation space and seed stage mentoring program.

The logo for Capital Factory on the floor of their working space

Capital Factory started in January 2009 and has been at the forefront of Austin's momentum as Texas' startup hub. The incubation space is located downtown on the top floor of the Austin Centre building. The top floor spot provides some amazing views of the surrounding Austin downtown.

A beanbag and the view of downtown

A couple well known startups such as WPEngine, Return Path, and Taskbox are in residence with as many as thirty employees.

Part of WPEngine's space in Capital Factory

Part of WPEngine's space in Capital Factory.

The space is stocked with snacks, drinks, and even a couple of kegerators with good beers on tap. The food availability alone is worth the price of admission for starving startup founders.

Shared space in Capital Factory

Shared space for co-working.

The space also serves as a hub for tech and entrepreneurship meetups. There are usually at least one if not two meetups going on at the same thing every weekday evening. Many people involved in startups in Austin are either working here or are at events in the evenings. The constant traffic of entrepreneurs and bright technical minds helps form serendipitous connections among disaparate members of the Austin community.

Capital Factory on a monitor at their space

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