Django Boston Talk

I was fortunate enough to be able to give a technical talk at Django Boston on Wednesday evening. The presentation was created in reveal.js, an HTML5 and JavaScript framework. Here are some pictures from the event as well as links to the video of the presentation and associated slides.

This talk is based on a blog post I published which provides a checklist for evaluating existing Django projects.

Akamai office entrance.

Akamai office entrance where the talk was held. Nice venue!

Django Boston presentation slides projected on the screen.

Title slide of my Django Boston presentation on how to take over an existing Django project codebase.

Matt Makai talking about Django project structures.

Here I'm discussing the project structure variations between 1.3, 1.4+, and customized projects.

Matt Makai talking Django projects.

Awkward shot... I must talk with my hands a lot.

Django Boston t-shirt.

Thanks for the speaker t-shirt guys!

There is a video of the talk. These are the talk slides and the source code is on Github. Thanks again for having me Django Boston and being a part of my Coding Across America project!