New Orleans Entrepreneurship Week

Yesterday I arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana after a long twelve hour drive down from Charlotte, North Carolina.

I am here participating in IdeaVillage's New Orleans Entrepreneurship Week (NOEW).

New Orleans' skyline on March 18, 2013

New Orleans' skyline at 630am in the morning the day after my arrival.

There are teams of MBA students helping local entrepreneurs work on their business ideas. I will be assisting the groups, including one this afternoon. Keynote speakers will give their input throughout the week, including Walter Isaacson, a New Orleans native, who authored the Steve Jobs' biography. There are also many learning sessions on both technical topics and entrepreneurial subjects.

My primary goal here is to help out teams from a technical perspective since the conference often has a dearth of that expertise. I am also talking to as many New Orleans natives to find out more about their experiences in entrepreneurship here.