Commissary in Washington, D.C.

Commissary is a coffee shop, restaurant, and bar a half block from Logan Circle on P Street NW in Washington, D.C.

Commissary logo

Commissary's logo.

The P Street location for Commissary is right near Logan Circle. The inside is large although on weekend during brunch it fills up quickly. I found that sitting at the bar during the weekends with my laptop was fine. During the week I could sit at a table and get service without feeling like a nuisance.

There are two wifi hotspots in Commissary. I found the first one's connection was spotty but when I switched to the second connection it was fast enough for most use, including pushing image files to remote servers. There were not many electric outlets so I recommend having a full charge on your laptop battery before you come here.

Music and ambient noise was moderate. You can use headphones without turning the volume up too loud. With a packed crowd the noise ratchets up quickly so you may want to look for an alternative location if that bothers you.

Map with the location of Commissary on P Street NW.

Commissary, 1443 P Street Northwest, Washington, DC

Logan Circle statue

Awesome statue just down the street in Logan Circle.

Inside view of Commissary

Inside view of Commissary. Picture came out a bit dark so I'll retake at a later date.

Another inside view of Commissary

Another inside view of Commissary.

Outside view of Commissary

Outside Commissary with view of P Street NW.

For more information on this spot check out Commissary's website.

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