Vigilante Coffee in Washington, D.C.

Vigilante Coffee is a pop up cafe on 7th Street Northwest in Washington, D.C.

Sign outside Vigilante Coffee

Vigilante Coffee pop up cafe sign.

The place feels similar to coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest, which is difficult to find anywhere in Washington, D.C. The inside is sparce but there are plenty of tables to work at. The coffee is made one cup at a time in pour over fashion and there are several rotating beans to choose from.

I found Vigilante Coffee to be a good spot for coding. The music isn't too loud so you can put your headphones on and not be distracted by anything going on around you. There are only a few easily accessible electric outlets depending on where you sit. However, the cafe is dark enough that you can have your screen brightness low to conserve battery power.

I was able to jump on a password-less wifi connection easily enough while there. Next time I stop by I'll make sure that's actually their Internet though.

Map with the location of Vigilante Coffee pop up cafe.

1017 7th St NW, Washington, D.C.

A view of 7th Street where Vigilante Coffee is located.

7th Street outside Vigilante Coffee.

Inside Vigilante Coffee.
Arrow on the wall at Vigilante Coffee.
Back room of Vigilante Coffee

The back room of Vigilante Coffee.

For more information on this spot check out Vigilante Coffee's website.

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