Two Months To Go

With exactly two months until I hit the road my focus has now shifted to finishing my research on the cities I'll be visiting and communicating with tech groups and companies and I'll be meeting on the road.

I'm in the process of booking the hotels for the first ten cities I'll be in - that should take me through sometime in April. I'll book later destinations once I'm on the road so I can have more flexibility to move dates around based on interesting events. For example, the Adobe MAX looks great even though it was a few days off from when I was planning to be in LA.

On a side note, this article in Wired on 'How to Hack the Government is pretty interesting. I currently develop software for CFPB (one of my clients) and it's great to see Github and open source getting good press. Hopefully other areas of the government follow suit.

The often antiquated software development practices other agencies use need a serious upgrade so the government can stop spending so much damn money on technology and getting so little for it. There's a whole host of other government problems that would need to be addressed outside what this article discusses but it's an interesting start nonetheless.