The Conversations

By far my favorite part of planning and undertaking this trip is talking to people I've just met about where they've lived and where I should go. When you ask people where they are from and where they've visited the responses are often surprising. Asking detailed questions about where they recommend going if you only have a few days in town not only brings out useful responses, it's also a small window on that person's life.

Some people love sports - they'll tell you to check out their baseball stadium or tailgate at a football game. Other people love the outdoors - they'll say go hiking at a nearby national park. I love checking out independent coffee shops to code (surprise!), read a book, or catch up with a friend. Other people have eclectic interests that you would never otherwise be exposed to if you hadn't taken the time to ask them what to do.

So while I'm spending much of my time on coding and technology during this trip, I know there's going to be many random tangents and paths that I'll go down. I can't foresee those paths now, but keeping an open mind about new ideas and activities is a big part of the journey.