Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are you?

I'm Matt Makai, a software developer living in Washington, DC. I currently focus on Python/Django development and I've also programmed in Java and Objective-C in the past.

Hasn't something like this been done before?

I've found a couple of similar examples with Corey Haines's paired programming trip and Mario Schulzke's 48 state journey. I never intended to be the first - lots of people have done cross country trips. I do plan on spending a lot of time coding, talking to fellow developers, and going to technology meet ups in each city though, which many people aren't as interested in.

Where will you stay during your trip?

I plan to stay in hotel rooms, use Airbnb for some cities, and also stay with friends when possible. Some friends have recommended couch surfing, but I need to look into that more before I commit to trying it.

How are you paying for all of this travel?

I've been saving money for awhile. I'm a strong believer in saving more than you spend so you have the financial freedom to take on opportunities such as Coding Across America.

I also will not have to pay rent for the months I'm away since my lease will be ending at the same time I begin the trip. As anyone who's lived in the DC-metro area knows, removing rent eliminates a major financial burden.

What can you learn about a city in only 5-10 days?

I think that remains to be seen. Part of the learning process is planning the trip, thoroughly researching every city so my time is well spent, and contacting the right people who know way more than I do about where they live and then asking them questions. Maybe the answer is that it will only be superficial knowledge of each destination, but I have a feeling that more will come of it than just the surface level answers.

How will you travel from one city to the next?

I will be driving in my Black 2004 Honda S2000 with everything I own.

Everything you own in a 2-seat sportscar? Really?

Ok, almost everything. I'm getting rid of my only piece of furniture (a bed) and I don't have a TV or desktop computer, so that saves a lot of space. I'll probably need to keep a box of things at my parents' house though with items such as my undergrad and graduate school diplomas.

What if this site gets hit by Slashdot, Reddit, etc?

Well, that would be awesome. There shouldn't be a problem since this site is static HTML & JavaScript generated with Pelican. I use Markdown and the jinja2 templating system to create the pages. The site is hosted on Github Pages, so it should scale well.