"Some convictions are so strong that the world must break to accommodate them."

I strongly hold two convictions:

  1. Software development is awesome - if you're stressed out and not delivering amazing new work to end users every day, you're doing it wrong
  2. More young people need to be inspired to go into software development by showing them how amazing the work is

And that's a huge part of what my trip is about. Software development isn't about geeks sitting behind monitors in a dark room all day. It's not about people that can't socialize with others so they are relegated to a corner with a computer. It's not about brogrammers (don't even get me started on that shit).

Software development is about solving problems using technology. You can only solve problems that truly matter if you talk to people with problems. And that's part of why I'm traveling across the United States for 5 months - to prove that software development is more than just the stereotypical geek sitting behind a computer every minute of the day.

If more people are inspired to do great work in technology then this trip will be worth it for more than just myself and the world will be better off for it.