Austin, TX

Downtown Austin, TX at night

Basic stats

Areas of Interest

  • 4th Street - bars & restaurants. More geared towards professionals living in Austin than the college students.
  • 6th Street - college craziness at night. Some cool places to hang out and grab a beer during the day.
  • Congress Avenue Bridge - the streets around the bridge have some cool shopping spots and restaurants

Start Ups

  • CopperEgg is a cloud monitoring company.
  • Daily Dot is a team of writers around the country and headquartered in Austin. Write about Internet communities instead of traditional geographic communities.
  • Contiuum Analytics. Data analysis and visualization based on Python. Definitely need to talk to these guys.
  • Web Cube. CMS built on Python.
  • Q2ebanking
  • Exigo Energy Solutions. Using Python/Django for their platform.
  • Paravel. Awesome 3 man shop in Austin that led (and continues to lead) the way in responsive design.


  • Cedar Street. I fell in love with this spot back when I first visited Austin in 2008. Great outdoor live music and interesting indoor/outdoor bar set up.

Coffee Shops

  • The Hideout. I hung out here and coded during my Austin vacation in June 2012. Awesome little place.
  • Halcyon. Great coffee, lots of space to stretch out and do work (including corner spots with pillows), and bottomless mimosas for $7.
  • Jo's 2nd Street Coffee.
  • Caffe Medici.
  • Austin Java. City Hall location on 2nd Street.



  • Bazaar Voice will just miss my trip on April 11-13, but I could stick around for a few more days if it's something I want to go to.