Plug In To New Orleans' Growing Entrepreneurship Scene

I just spent the past week in New Orleans (NOLA) at IdeaVillage's New Orleans Entrepreneurship Week (NOEW). This is only my third city of thirty over the next five months so I can't yet draw any big picture conclusions. However, it feels like something special going on down here in "Silicon Bayou". Here's how you can plug into the growing entrepreneurship and tech scene.

Judges panel at NOEW

NOEW Judges' panel, including investor Jim Coulter and Archie Manning, asking questions of three entrepreneurs who pitched that afternoon.

News and Who To Know

  • Silicon Bayou News. Reach out to Julia Ballard (@juliaballard). Julia covered the major events at NOEW and writes extensively about the NOLA scene.
  • IdeaVillage on Twitter (@IdeaVillage). IdeaVillage put on New Orleans Entrepreneurship Week and has extensive reach throughout the community. Get in touch with Tim Williamson, Sara Thomas, or someone on their team.
  • 4.0 Schools. Design thinking for the nexus of education startups in the area working with the extensive network of NOLA charter schools and Teach for America alums. Contact Matt Candler (@mcandler), founder of 4.0 Schools. 4.0 Schools also has an open couch for technical folks to drop in and work from.
  • Launch Pad New Orleans. There's a hub of interesting companies in the building on Magazine Street.

Sampling of Local Software Companies

What NOLA Needs

There are not enough talented technical people in NOLA. Technical co-founders and software developers are very difficult to find here. One YCombinator alum, Kumar Thangudu, who just moved to New Orleans said "tech folks down here are treated like gods."